Jobs & Continuing Education

We must look to the future for jobs and not keep looking to past jobs. One area we should look is futuristic green technology. Why is it we have so much sunlight here in Alabama but very little solar development? Solar demand is expected to exceed 10 trillion dollars worldwide by 2020. Don’t you want you want a share of that money. Further, we need good strong adult continuing education tied directly to the needs of local industries. Good jobs follow education, and good businesses want good schools for their children.  

  • I will support a proposal that requires school district to talk to local industries and find out from them, what sort of skilled workers they need. Then our district needs to use our local resources to have classes in the evenings to teach our adults new skills that will get them higher paying jobs. 
  • We need to talk to the high school students and see what types of jobs they are looking for and then put them on a education track that will get them where they want to go. It might include tech school, 2 year degree programs, 4 year programs or on-line courses.
  • In House District 38, I would support a proposal to setup “Green Economic Zones” giving tax breaks and other benefits to new green jobs and industries that will relocate to our district. 
  • I also agree with and will support efforts to keep our best and brightest minds in Alabama by backing initiatives that support those who commit to careers in service, such as education or healthcare, through scholarship funding or deferred tuition. This can be expanded by offering people working in the private sector incentives to stay and work in Alabama.